Imagery from Team 19

#Team19 poses for a group photo after sucsessful completion of the Paul Airey Memorial "Resiliency" Ruck/March/Run
Allied Land Command (LANDCOM), commanding general, Lt. Gen. l John C. Thomson III, visits Team 19 and recognizes Soldiers for the service.
Andy Duque receives recognition for his exemplary service by becoming an honorary airspace manager
U.S. Army Europe Commanding General, Lt. Gen. Christopher Cavoli recognizes Soldiers from "Team 19" for their service.
Group photo of all participants in Austere Challenge 2019 from the 19th Battlefield Coordination Detachment "Team 19."

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Mission Essential Tasks

  • Integrate Fires (ART 3.1)
  • Integrate Air-Ground Operations (ART 3.3)
  • Establish Coordination and Liaison (ART